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Trans-shipment for CARs offered at Gwadar Port

Posted on 07 December 2008

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has offered separate terminals at Gwadar port to capture the transit trade of the Central Asian Republics (CARs) and other regional countries, said Nabeel Gabol, Minister for Ports & Shipping on Wednesday.

The minister in a statement issued here stated that Pakistan is ready to provide a separate terminal to Kyrghiz republic and would welcome all the neighboring states of the CAR’s to use the port as transshipment trade of the region.

“Gwadar port will give impetus to the economic growth of the whole region, especially the south and central Asian region,” the minister hoped while talking to Nurlar Aitmurzaev, Ambassador of Republic of Kyrghistan, who called on him here in his office in Islamabad.

The ambassador said that Kyrghistan is interested in availing the facility of Gwadar port and also in having a terminal there. Gwadar port is the closest to CAR’S and it could change the destiny of the people of the entire region.

He said that there is a need for strengthening the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO), of which, both counties are active members.

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